The Importance of Packaging When Marketing a Product

Packaging is everywhere. It comes on just about everything we eat, wear, and use in our everyday lives. Consumers may see it just as a way to get information about the product they are purchasing, but in reality, marketing plays a huge role in marketing a product. Your product’s packaging creates the first impression on … Read more

Give your website an update

Make the leap from Good to Great with Red Chilli Many businesses have a good website, good branding and good designs, but good isn’t great and at red chilli we want to make your business great. Animal trust is an excellent example, they are a brilliant not-for-profit vets based in Bolton and had a really … Read more

Google add the new ‘Mobile Friendly’ tag

These days, most people browsing the web find what they are looking for via a Google search. It has been well known for a number of years that if you want people to find your business, then you need to employ some sort of SEO strategy. Recently though, another piece has arrived to be placed … Read more

Web Dynamics work with Red Chilli for fresh new look

Web Dynamics in Bolton, are specialists in creating high performance insulation for the construction sector. Like most modern businesses, they are keen to promote their services online. Sadly, their website was lacking the flare of the company behind it, so they decided it was time for something fresh. In creating the new website, they felt … Read more

Get noticed with the Red Chilli Marketing Package

Red Chilli Design are superb at every aspect of design, as they produce brilliant business cards, fantastic website designs, photography and more. But they can also offer a full marketing package for clients too, which is great so you won’t need to go anywhere else. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the latest work … Read more

5 top tips for Branding Success

Spring is here (sort of) and its time to do some spring cleaning and get ready for the summer. A new and fresh approach to Branding can do wonders for your business, not only will it appeal to your customers, motivate you and your staff, but a brand update will be a new source of … Read more

Dont get lost in the crowd

You have worked hard to create your business. You know how it good it is, but that means nothing unless other people know about it. Maybe you have had some flyers made or have created a website to showcase your services. The problem is, everyone is doing this, and before long you disappear into the … Read more

Hamilton Bailey work with Red Chilli to create a new brand

Behind every good business website is an equally good system behind the scenes to make sure everything works properly. And that is exactly what Red Chilli Design are experts at producing for their clients. One of their recent happy customers is Hamilton Bailey. Hamilton Bailey are a Batley based company that produces medical reports for … Read more

Avoid the pitfalls: finding the right agency

We’ve all had it, your old buddy Dave dabbles in web design in his spare time, your cousin did a graphic design course at school and your nephew is “really good with Facebook” and they want to help you with your business and of course you feel obliged to help them out and give them … Read more