We are an award-winning branding design agency in Bolton. We believe having a visual identity isn’t just about having a nice shiny new logo, it’s the unique story you want to tell through your brand.

Our experienced branding team at Red Chilli Design will seek to understand the needs of your company. We will carefully consider who you are, your ethos, and how you want to be positioned so your brand can talk to your target audience online and offline with maximum clarity and effectiveness.

Our design team will work with you and take a structured, researched approach including competitor analysis, your current position in the industry and the route needed to create a lasting impression.

As part of the branding exercise, our talented and passionate creative designers will cover brand tone of voice, empathetic use of colours, fonts, imagery, and iconography allowing us to deliver fresh and unique ideas. We want you to take full ownership of your brand from visuals, the vision and make it an integral part of your culture.

The assets we produce will cover brand guidelines that detail how to apply your brand vision consistently and coherently covering digital, social media, website, print, right through to office space and signage. Along with this logo files in various formats and copyright release for ownership.

An intelligent brand should be:

  • Positioned for your industry
  • Have the right tone of voice
  • Clear and effective
  • Emphatic to your audience

Testimonial – Fazila Foods

From the logo designs to the development of packaging and providing us with various other materials such as an exhibition stand, Red Chilli Design have done an excellent job and exceeded our expectations from the very start. They have constantly put in 100% effort and committed towards making the Fazila’s brand better by bringing our ideas to reality. We are pleased to have had such a committed member who has had a huge impact on the business and helped us excel over the course of the business.