Do you have a great idea for the next big thing? Or is your business well established but your Bolton web design looks a little tired?

From simple landing pages to bespoke eCommerce systems, our team of experts will ensure your business stands out online. We specialise in WordPress based websites but work across all the major platforms.

Our expert team are based in Bolton. We have worked with companies from a wide range of industries and sectors from Manufacturing and Medical to Retail. Whatever your area of expertise, contact us today to get started with your brand new website design.

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Our web designs are intuitive and mobile responsive. With social media and blog integration, stock image selections, contact form functions, Google maps, analytics & much more. It’s your choice.

A well thought out website design process creates an engaging and memorable experience. Guide your customers on a web journey that is easy to navigate, meaningful and relevant.

By immersing ourselves in your company, we can get a better understanding of your needs and customer base. We will then tailor your Bolton web design accordingly, creating a more meaningful experience which connects with your audience.

Why do I need a mobile friendly website?

If your website is not yet mobile friendly, the very short answer to the question, “Why do I need a mobile friendly website?” is, “Because more than half of all online traffic now comes from the mobile devices.” Recent surveys have found that more than 60% of searches are now performed on tablets and smartphones, making them the most popular way to browse the internet. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are not going to be able to reach more than half of your target audience.
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When Should I Redesign My Website?

How do you know if it’s time to redesign your website? If you visit your website and it looks like you and your computer have been sucked back in time to 1995, that’s a good indication. If the visual design doesn’t bother you, here are some other signs that will let you know it’s time for a redesign: 1. It’s not mobile friendly. This is one of the biggest problems with aged websites - they do not work on mobile devices.
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Why does my business need a website?

When was the last time you opened the yellow pages to look for a business in your local area? If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t used the phonebook for anything but a fire starter in about a decade. The internet is the new rolodex, and in short, if your business doesn’t have an entry in that rolodex, a website, it will be impossible for potential customers or clients to find you. But a website goes far beyond just giving your business an online presence.
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What makes a great Website?

There are literally countless web sites over the internet right now. How can you ensure that your web site is just not missing in virtual obscurity? Well, there are several important elements that many excellent websites have. First impression is the last impression: Your website's main page is the front of your whole website. If it is not designed and explained well, the visitor will leave without exploring the inner pages. So, make sure to focus on the home page’s layout more than the sub pages.
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