Is our trust in brands now in tatters?

In an ever-competitive market, brand loyalty is an increasingly important aspect of running and marketing a company. This could be influenced by many things, but a key aspect is consumer trust in the brand. After all, why would anybody choose to buy from somebody they don't trust? Despite this, there is a growing downward trend of trust in brands amidst various scandals which blow up across Social Media. The 2019 Edelman Report reveals that only one-in-three respondents said that they trust most of the brands they buy and use. Perhaps part of the reasoning for this, in recent years there have been high-profile cases of brand dishonesty including the Volkswagen emissions test cheat and Facebook's involvement in political campaigns making use of consumers personal data.

Posted on 24/2/2020
The importance of rebranding

An important part of any business is its brand and identity. It is what makes companies unique and able to distinguish themselves from each other. So why would you decide to change the brand which has become such an integral part of your work and how will your customers respond to the change? There are many reasons why it might be a good idea to rebrand a business, for instance;

Posted on 21/11/2019
Is E-commerce really a piece of cake?

The internet is scattered with claims about how easy it is to get set up with E-Commerce. Simply ask your Graphic Designer to come up with a logo you can use to brand up some items, post some photos of them on Instagram and watch the money flow in. Can it really be that straight forward, or are we being fed another pipe dream?

Posted on 12/9/2019
Is Print Dead?

In a modern world of digital design, it would be easy to think there is no longer a place for print. Sure, a webpage or e-brochure can put information at the finger tips of many, but what this overlooks is the tangibility you get from having a print document you can hold in your hands. Having something solid to hold on to creates trust in a brand and the people behind it, making them real rather than just a name on a screen. This brand is built up across a range of different materials including brochures, business cards and headed paper.

Posted on 11/7/2019
Why work with a local design agency

If you are planning to create a new brand or relaunch your marketing materials, it can be tempting to find yourself a freelancer or go with a big agency you find online. But if instead you go with a local design agency, it can bring a number of advantages to the project.

Posted on 2/5/2019
How to Develop Your Own Brand Guidelines

Developing your own brand can be terrifying if you don’t have the proper tips. There are so many ways to develop your own brand, but below are some tips to help you get started.

Posted on 3/1/2019

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