Accelerated Mobile Pages

With smart phones and tablets becoming increasingly popular, we now have information about anything and everything in the palm of our hand.

This is pretty incredible, yet we have become impatient, and tend to get irritated when such information is not available instantaneously on our screens.

Advertisers may have spent a lot of time and money in their efforts to initiate action from their potential and prospective customers – who would have just moved on due to delays in the page loading. Users who are irritated and frustrated move on without having the opportunity to engage with the various advertisers and may be discouraged from coming back in the future.

Google are the leading search engine provider in the world, and are leading the way in innovations across the web. They have recently initiated the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, to bring a smoother experience to viewers on mobile devices, and ultimately faster access to the information they need.

The AMP Project relies on AMP HTML, a new framework facilitated by light-weight web pages. This new technology enables the loading of rich content like video, animations and graphics alongside and in collaboration with smart ads.

It is very heartening to note that most of the major stakeholders, namely Twitter, Pinterest,, Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics, and LinkedIn along with many others have all joined in to support this endeavor.

The AMP Project will also enable much richer content to be carried in the palms of prospective customers, enabling them to see high-resolution videos and visualizations in a style that professional marketers have been lacking previously. It could be a golden opportunity for advertisers too, and would enable them to take their marketing messages to their prospective customers faster.