Top 10 tips for Ecommerce Website Design

1 – Provide Search Bar

The presence of a search bar in an e-commerce website is quite important because if customer wants to search for the products which they are looking for, they can easily find them.

2 – Organize the Navigation Bar

A well organized navigation bar can make an e-commerce website really stand apart. It offers a simple way to navigate various categories for your users. For example, your user is looking for men’s clothing, then all sub categories related to men’s clothing are under one men’s category section.

3 – Give Important Information on Header in form of Banner

When you launch a discount or have new arrivals, show them in the form of banner and place it in the page header. This way you can easily show “What’s New” on your website.

4 – Provide ‘Call Now’ Button

Make sure to implement a ‘Call Now’ Button at the top of the website so users can easily get in contact if they have a query. About 60% of buyers say that they buy products from a site due to ‘call now’ support, because they are able to know everything about products by calling customer support.

5 – Provide a Live Chat Support

Live Chat support is the best online communication tool for an e-commerce business to interact with their customers. It increases customer satisfaction in your services.

6 – Give Customer Facility for Guest Shopping

Suppose you like a product and you want to purchase it. You added it to your cart and selected a payment option, but have now found taht you have to register an account to complete the purchace. If you don’t want to register, you may leave and look another website for similar products. So it is important that any e-commerce site has guest shopping options so you don’t loose potential customers.

7 – Have an Easily Identifiable Sale Section

If there is a sale on the website of any products, make sure it is easily found by customers. You can place it in the form of a slider on the homepage, or image carousels, so customers can easily see what is on offer.

8 – Display Popular Brands

Display brands on your website which are associated to your business to increase credibility. This also lets your customers know which branded products are available on your website. 

9 – Display Discounts in Single Section

Make sure that all available discounts are presented in single section. If a customer has a promo code, newspaper cuttings or other coupon that can be redeemed then show them in a single section only.

10 – Suggest Related Items

If a customer searches for a smartphone for instance, the website should suggest other related items such as smartphone accessories, covers etc. By showimg customers various products you can increase your sales.