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So you have formed a new company, or are looking to rebrand and need to come up with a new logo. A nice font, drop in an icon, job done. Simple right? The thing is, a logo acts as something of a shop window to the whole company and so can have all manner of different meanings. Is this company trustworthy? Well established? Somewhere I would consider buying from? Suddenly there is so much more to consider.

Posted on 8/11/2018
Accelerate Your Business ROI With An Expert Web Development Company

A web development company in Manchester, Red Chilli Design forms a base for your business to captivate audiences for your business and boost ROI. With an amazing website the reputation of your business is improved.

Posted on 13/9/2018
Major Google Updates Important For Search Engine Rankings

Google has a history of surprising webmasters with their constant algorithm updates. As an SEO specialist, we need to keep constant track of the updates so as to ensure that our business online availability is not adversely affected. In context of that we have recorded the most commanding updates rolled out by the search engine mammoth in recent times.

Posted on 16/8/2018
The importance of finding a trustworthy Web Design Agency in Bolton Greater Manchester

In today's modern world your business must have a website, but in order to stand out from others, it is essential to have a great website. We don't just mean that it looks better, it must be user friendly too. If a website design is to complicated with too much information and without any concern for the users, it will simply be irritating for the users who will then look elsewhere.

Posted on 4/7/2018
Web Design in Manchester

A poorly designed website can have a massive impact on your Manchester business. Slow load times, bugs and low quality can all effect how your website appears in search rankings, and the impression it will give to your potential customers and clients.

Posted on 7/6/2018
The importance of hiring professional Web Development Services in Manchester

To help your business reach its full digital potential, and earn sales by converting more leads, it is important to work with an agency who have experience in all aspects of web development.

Posted on 25/4/2018

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