The importance of rebranding

An important part of any business is its brand and identity. It is what makes companies unique and able to distinguish themselves from each other. So why would you decide to change the brand which has become such an integral part of your work and how will your customers respond to the change? There are many reasons why it might be a good idea to rebrand a business, for instance;

1. To reflect a change of what the company does

Perhaps they now sell a different or wider range of products, which would be better represented by a new look.

2. To reflect a change of the times

Design trends change over time and updating the style of a logo and a company typeface can make a company look fresh and up to date.

3. Technological advances

With digital media becoming of growing importance to many businesses, the brand must translate well across a wide range of screens and mediums.

The recent rebrand of BT was initially controversial, but under the hood, it actually covers these points very well. There has been a change in what they do as a company over recent years, transitioning from a phone line provider to a digital media company. With this expansion had come a number of different divisions, each with their own branding. The new logo from Red&White unifies all of these divisions with a single, modern logo design which by being simple and containing lots of white space can be laid over different colours and backgrounds to create context. It also reflects a change in the times, updating the now aged globe logo along with technological advances with the simple and bold logo displaying well on mobile devices and digital TV screens.

As design trends and the offering of a business change, it’s brand design should also transition in tandem to ensure it remains fresh and relevant.

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