The Importance of Packaging When Marketing a Product

Packaging is everywhere. It comes on just about everything we eat, wear, and use in our everyday lives. Consumers may see it just as a way to get information about the product they are purchasing, but in reality, marketing plays a huge role in marketing a product. Your product’s packaging creates the first impression on a potential buyer. Is it a good first impression or a bad one?

Your packaging design will dictate whether that consumer buys your product or whether they move on and look for something else. Packaging can make or break a product. But how does packaging aid in marketing efforts?

A product’s package is a result of graphic design and branding efforts. A clear brand message and attractive design are what make great packaging, as both come together to first, catch the consumer’s eye and second, provide relevant information about why that consumer should purchase this product. When a product is sitting on a shelf or hanging on a rack, its package is the only way it can market itself. That package is the only chance that product has to make an emotional connection and persuade the consumer to buy it.

Though many consumers may not entirely judge a book by its cover, every consumer does make a snap judgment about a product based on the design of the package it comes in. Does it reflect the ideals and spirit of the brand? Is it eye-catching and inviting? Does it use shape, color, and expertly placed text to communicate the features and benefits of the product?

It’s on-the-spot promotion and marketing, at the most relevant and important place—in the store, where someone is going to purchase that product. Most of all, packaging design aids in differentiating one brand’s product from another brand’s product. It identifies your product as being part of your brand.

Using the right colors and design can encourage potential customers to take action and actually purchase your product. Something that is wrapped in a great package is more likely to attract the attention of a consumer. In a store or online, alongside hundreds or even thousands of other products, it’s important for your product to stand out and be eye-catching. This is where the assistance of a graphic design agency is invaluable. Red Chilli Design have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to packaging a product in an eye catching way, thats on brand and makes consumers want to pick up your product. Why not give us a call on 01204 467 866 and see how we can get your products noticed?