Get noticed with the Red Chilli Marketing Package

Red Chilli Design are superb at every aspect of design, as they produce brilliant business cards, fantastic website designs, photography and more.

But they can also offer a full marketing package for clients too, which is great so you won’t need to go anywhere else. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the latest work they did for their client Burnertech.

Red Chilli helped prepare Burnertech’s whole marketing activity before a trade exhibition in Dallas and Frankfurt to target international clients. Red Chilli produced brochures, exhibition stand design and production, along with on-site product photography and video production which was presented at the events. They completely changed Burnertech’s website too, to make it really user friendly. The results can be the same for your business I’m sure.

And Red Chilli’s work certainly delivered. Immediately after the show the client rang the team at Red Chilli to say they had secured an order worth around £250,000.

The plans for next year are already in motion, as Red Chilli are planning next year’s international trade activity working with the clients and their partners again.

Remember then, it isn’t just design Red Chilli Design do, they can offer full consultancy work, give expert advice where needed and work with partners to deliver results. 

Give us a call on 01204 684016 to find out more.