Why design is an investment, not a cost

Due to the growth of technology and new terms, it is not easy for a business to survive with old tactics. With the passage of time the business should follow and grow with the demand of the market. Until a few years back, it was okay for a business to focus on the print and media marketing even with simple design. Even still, you can find the ads in your newspaper with no color or proper design. But it does not work anymore. To attract your existing and new customers you have to focus on the branding of your products.

Today a product or even a service is known by its branding. What could be more amazing than when a random person knows about your products just by viewing your company’s logo?

The expenses on design are mostly classified as “cost” while it should not be, because the better design will bring more sales. So, it is an investment with low cost but leaves very effective affect about your company. Even the company law says that a design like logo, web and other design should be classified as intangible assets because they provide the financial and non-financial benefits to the business.

Don’t think like a business owner but as a regular person. What would you prefer? A product with a good design which describes the product within the design or a product with no proper design including a messy logo? You will go with the first option.

Studies shows that a good design could boost your sales up to 30% with no extra cost and effort. People are attracted to those things which are well designed and described in simple but creative ways.

So, what should you consider when it comes to your company’s design and branding?

Well, the list is very long but today i will only talk about the online aspects. Yes, the logo and web design.

Logo Design: The Logo is the first step for any branding. If your logo is not unique to your company then it could be confused. It should be simple with market standards and memorable by the public.

Web Design: A complex website design with meaningless information makes your customer confused to purchase your services and products. So, always go with a simple and well defined web design that does not only describe your company but is also user friendly. Remember that a website is the most valuable tool for online marketing. It could help you to expand your business worldwide at no cost.

Conclusion: A good design could bring a lot of sales for your business. That’s why the design should be classified as an investment not just cost. Individually design may not be directed related to sales but indirectly it is one of the major costs of more sales.

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