Is E-commerce really a piece of cake?

The internet is scattered with claims about how easy it is to get set up with E-Commerce. Simply ask your Graphic Designer to come up with a logo you can use to brand up some items, post some photos of them on Instagram and watch the money flow in. Can it really be that straight forward, or are we being fed another pipe dream?

While the “build it and they will come” mentality may work well in the short term, it is unlikely to continue into the longer term. To truly succeed, you need to create a business plan which includes the company’s vision and brand identity. This is where working with a Web Design Agency can really add value to your initial idea by creating focus and a message which will be carried throughout. They will work with you to complete a series of steps which ensure you stand out from the crowd and get off to the best start possible.

1. Identify a target market

Establishing who is likely to buy your product is an important first step in working out how you can best place your company to appeal to these people.

2. Craft a logo that represents your company and product

Creating a truly unique brand will make your product lines stand out from the crowd, and become a talking point on social media, including Instagram.

3. Develop the brand through the website, social media and any accompanying print

By carrying consistent imagery, colours and tone of voice through a range of channels, you can really develop the strength and trust in your brand.

4. Promote your website and products

Once you have created your brand, product lines and got it all online, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to tell people about your new products. Posting on Social Media is certainly one method, but thought should be given to what you post, when you post it and who is going to see your posts. It may be that Promoted Posts and PPC campaigns are useful to get some exposure.

5. Analyze your sales and refine your SEO to maxamise sales

For longevity, marketing and SEO shouldn’t sit still. Once you start making sales, tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel will tell you about the people who are buying your products. You can use this information to further refine your advertising and maximise sales.

So while there may be a bit more to it than sticking a logo on a t-shirt and posting a photo online, with a bit of structure and assistance you can make a real difference to the success of your e-commerce company – lifting it from bedroom business to established brand. At Red Chilli, we give ideas identity.

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