When to rebrand your company

Branding is not a new term, especially for those who own a business, whether at a big level or a small company. Through branding, a company can evaluate the net value and popularity of its products and services in the market.

In every part of a business’s life cycle there is a time when the owner decides to rebrand their business. It is not necessary that you have to wait for number of years to plan rebranding. The indicators could have happened at very first day of your company, for example the bad company name, logo design etc.

Just take a look around you, the famous brands like Pepsi, coca cola, Google and so many more rebrand from time to time. Even some of the small changes in a company’s logo design or any other graphic design is enough to rebrand the company.

So, the question is when to rebrand?

Well, there is no specific rule or any list from where you can decide when to rebrand your company. It is you who has to look around for indicators and decide.

The following are some of the indicators which are enough to judge the rebranding of a company. Or you could say these are the questions you need to ask yourself when deciding to rebrand your company.

Logo design: Is your logo difficult to understand by the public? Or it is not conveying the message of your company activities? Change it, make it simple

Colour scheme: Does the colour scheme you are using for your brand strong enough to attract new customers? Colours are one of the most important part of rebranding. Many people reject to go with a company because they do not like the colors. Where do you like to take your morning coffee, in a dark room or a room with natural light?

Inspiring design: Don’t just go with a random design. Always try to bring something new. Inspiring designs always attract the people. Ask from yourself if the design of your brand is inspiring?

How simple is it? Simple designs are best, they could be memorable and easy to remember. Go with a simple and creative design. Take a survey to know if your design is simple and easy to remember.

Are we creative? Your logo design should be creative. So ask, does the design convey the message of your brand?

Competitors: If your competitor has rebranded the company then you should also consider rebranding your company. It could sound stupid but people get attracted to those things which come with something new like a design. So take a look around, is your competitor rebranding? How does this effect the market?

That’s not it. Just analyse your company and make your own questions, and find out the indicators around you to decide whether its time to rebrand or not.

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