What makes a great Website?

There are literally countless web sites over the internet right now. How can you ensure that your web site is just not missing in virtual obscurity? Well, there are several important elements that many excellent websites have.

First impression is the last impression: Your website’s main page is the front of your whole website. If it is not designed and explained well, the visitor will leave without exploring the inner pages. So, make sure to focus on the home page’s layout more than the sub pages.

Play with colours: Don’t just go with a random selection of colours, but use the colours related to your brand, and audience you are targeting. Colours are an important part of any kind of design. For branding of a web design, go with around 2-3 colours.

Graphics: Photos and graphics including typography should be user friendly; the visitor can read and understand the message you are trying to deliver through graphics. Try to stay with simple ones until there is a necessity.

Navigation: Easy Navigation should be considered the most important element of a great website. It helps your visitor to know and understand the structure of whole website, especially the sub pages. Make sure you are using the proper menu structure, including sub menus.

A User friendly website: CMS websites are considered user friendly because users can contribute in CMS based websites by writing comments or casting their vote. Use this sort of website if you want that your visitors to come back and check the response to their activity.

Short and fast loading time: A web page, especially the home page, should be short and provide the information the user is looking for. A website with to-the-point content is better than a website with lengthy content, because people avoid a reading lengthy pages. Shortening your content also decreases the loading time of your website.

At Red Chilli, we take all these factors into account when designing and building a website, to make sure sure all our clients get a great site.