Top Tips for Great Graphic Design

Great graphic design is going to be integral to the success of your business, no matter what that business is. Even if you are a non-profit that rescues stranded dogs and cats, all the way up to a multinational finance consulting firm, you will need some sort of graphic design at some point in the life of your company. Here are some tips to help you make sure you get the best possible graphic design for your business:

1. Don’t be afraid to outsource. Unless you have someone on staff who was trained in graphic design and the programs that designers use today, it’s always best to outsource any graphic design job to someone who has been trained in this art and the programs it requires. This will almost always produce much better and much more useful work.

2. Ask for contrast. Especially if your business uses a muted or monochromatic color palette, contrast is a great way to add visual interest to designs, without having to branch out into too bright or too ridiculous colors. Using different shades of the same hue can be an effective way to stay within your desired color range, but still get plenty of visual interest.

3. Use different fonts. This is an area where hiring an experienced designer, such as red chilli, usually allows you to get the very best results. You can use different fonts on your webpage, in your logo, etc., but they have to contrast enough that they don’t simply clash. Graphic designers understand how to match different styles of font so that they complement each other and give your website or print ad a unique appearance.

4. Utilize consistency. One of the biggest mistakes that brands make is creating a different design or style for each of their different marketing venues, instead of being consistent and using the same colors, design elements, logos, etc. wherever the brand name appears. A graphic designer can create a logo and theme that can be used across platforms, to help your brand spread a consistent message and cultivate social recognition.

5. Keep it simple. Another one of the biggest mistakes brands make is to overdesign their own logos, websites, ads, etc. Trying to do too much equates “trying too hard,” which will not earn your brand any good attention in today’s consumer climate. Keeping it streamlined and simple is the best way to go.

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