Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Website Design Agency Before Asking the Price

Now is the time to get a new website. The first thing people think about is the cost. The phrase “what is the damage, then?” is so dated, because it makes people think that improvement isn’t worth the price. Now think of how successful people like that are. Exactly, you’re going to be better.

But before thinking about the “negative” of cost, you need to understand that you are making an investment in your business. Answer these 10 questions and you will soon find your flair for success.

1. What are my website objectives?

It may be hard to pinpoint the reason why you wanted the website in the first place. You need to remind yourself “what is the goal of my website?” whilst also improving what you already have. A website design needs to planned, it needs to reflect what your business proposition as accurately as possible. A good way to start is to review your overall marketing and integrate your website into your businesses strategy. For a comprehensive unbiased audit most often it is beneficial to have external advice and opinion, more oten than they see what you don’t and often your strenghts that you underestimate.

2. How does my brand need to be perceived?

There is a major difference between McDonald’s and The Ritz. It’s all about the brand you want your company to be, otherwise, if there isn’t a theme or style, then it could crumble into the sea of “average businesses.” You don’t want to get lost there. Branding changes over time and its only through trial and error that we know what works and what doesn’t. Inspiration can strike from anywhere. It might help to create a mood board of things you like before presenting an idea to A Website Design Agency. Mood boards are also good ways to set yourself business goals and aspirations.

Website Design Agencies may have other suggestions to help hone down a specific idea you want. They can help you with practically anything because they want to put you first. One way to look at it is like going to a hairdressers. You’re in the hairdresser’s seat. You’re the one making the choices. However, your hairdresser may offer highlights or some other ideas for styling your hair, but at the end of the day, it’s your hair. They just want the best for you. They just want you to look great as well as feel your best.

3. How Much Creative Control Do I Want/ Have?

Creating something from nothing is a magical feeling. It reminds me of being a child trying to build a sandcastle or a piece of pasta art. Even if the actual creation isn’t a masterpiece, it feels amazing. Although this feeling is great, it probably shouldn’t carry over into your business. Website Design Agencies are professionals in this craft, so it is wise to listen to them. If you want more creative control, then that’s great. Share these ideas and develop them with the people you’re hiring, if not that’s okay too. These Website Design Agencies have years of experience and plenty of ideas to help you.

4. Do I Like Their Previous Work?

Looking at the agencies’ portfolios of previous work can not only give you inspiration for your company, but also show how professional they are. Looking back on a Website Design Agencies’ work, you can see that they’ve had experience with a vast number of businesses. Some of which may be like yours and some may be extremely different from your profession. If you can see how those websites and businesses have become popular due to the agency, then it shows promise for your company’s future.

It’s almost like a dating app. They need to be right for you just like you need to be right for them. See if they are flexible and if they would cater to your business needs. If you like their previous work, then that’s excellent! Contact them (after you read the rest of this list) and see if they would work with you. If not, swipe left and carry on looking. Don’t worry, the right one’s out there.

5. What is My Realistic Budget?

Personally, I recommend researching this when deciding you officially need to refurbish your website. It gives you a rough idea of how much a Website Design Agency costs for building your bespoke website. This can also put into perspective what you actually want from your website too. All projects are different, but these costs do add up.

After looking at what brand and type of website you want, look back at your budget. Does this fit with what Website Design Agency costs? Is it going to be worth it to redesign your website and get more people interested in your business? Some Website Design Agencies have budget plans, but some don’t. It’s also a good idea to research these if you are struggling.

6. Will This Website Bring Me More Online Traffic /SEO?

Online traffic is the key way to become a popular business industry. It is a hard thing to obtain, but if it is popular to be a one hit wonder in the world of the web, why can’t an industry?

SEO is one of the main ways to get more traffic to your website. Some Website Design Agencies include these additional things when designing your website, although not all do. It’s something to discuss with the agency. Paying the yearly additional costs for SEOs are quite expensive, so don’t be shocked if Website Design Agencies don’t include this.

Having a website which is easy to navigate, well-spaced, and directly addresses your business will inevitably get people more interested. Although it isn’t an SEO algorithm, it is still a huge step in developing your business. You can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket first.

7.What is My Target Audience?

Imagine if Dove’s skincare commercials had the same colourful zing of Coca-Cola. It just wouldn’t work. Those tv adverts target different types of people. Many factors come into these adverts, and so should your business website.

Something you need to think about whilst rebranding is “what is my target audience?” This should reflect in your brand. What can you do to make your website desirable, so that your target audience can come back for more? How have others done this before? Can you find any marketing techniques they have used to make them successful? Often rewording things will hook your target audience, alongside graphics. It’s something to think about and even ask your Website Design Agency, if they have any experience in this.

8. Do I Have a Time Limit?

Time limits can be straining when coming to building a successful website. Many times, it is hard to control how long a project can take. Each project, website, and agency are different. Often when you want a lot for your website, it would take longer to make. If you make a smaller website, it might be a smaller time frame. Even if this is the case, you just need to remember which won the race, the hare, or the tortoise? If you are really crunched for time, it might be something to discuss with your Website Design Agency.

9. Do I Have a Call to Action?

Interacting is how we experience and learn new things. From babies, we perceive things through our five senses. Now everything is all online, the main sense is only sight, right? Wrong. Call to actions (or CTA) is an element within websites which allow you to interact with the website. It hones tactile imagery to make you think you are toughing something by clicking on a button or filling out a forum.

Look on some social media pages as well as websites and see if you can spot any. It’s a great way to see how you feel engaged in their webpages whilst also getting inspiration if you want a CTA.

10. What Are the Most Important Pieces of Information to Keep/Include?

Creating a list of information to relay to your Website Design Agency will help them massively. Whether it’s the story of how your business came to be, to what your business has to offer, if you make a list of what you want then they can help you find a way to incorporate it. Small details which relay to your individual business may be needed, but the Website Design Agency may not know about it. It’s all about those tiny important things to jot down before going to a Website Design Agency.

Now you’ve completed those questions, it’s time to find that all important Bolton Website Design Agency! For more information about marketing or rebranding your business.