How to Develop Your Own Brand Guidelines

Developing your own brand can be terrifying if you don’t have the proper tips. There are so many ways to develop your own brand, but below are some tips to help you get started.

Discover your target customer. What type of customer are you trying to approach?

This is the very first step when creating your own brand. You have to clasp what kind of audiences you are advertising and looking to. If you are an estate agent, your customer is most likely going to be home buyers & home sellers. Once you have a full understanding of who your target customer is, you have a better understanding of how to develop your brand.

Examine your competition

There is a better chance that there are companies out there which are similar to the one you’re trying to create. Those brands are your competition but on the other way they can also act as your inspiration. How did they start? Where are they now? Who do they appeal to? Find out how they work and instead of imitating them, go a step further and pull ahead. It’s all about examining your business competitors and try to be a step ahead of them.

Develop a eye catching logo

Logos are one of the most crucial parts of creating a brand. Each company has some type of logo, and many remember them. We all aware of “golden arches” for McDonald’s and the swoosh by Nike. Eye-catching logos give your brand a personality and set your brand apart from others. Team up with a graphic designer or design agency and build a catchy logo that beautifully represents your brand.

Discover your voice

Your brand should have its own voice. It should display your company’s mission and vision, customers, and industry yet showcase an amiable and helpful personality. If your brand has its own voice, it will stand out from your competitors and attract attention to itself. Having your own voice will inspire customers to recognise and reach out to you.

Build a wider existence

Your brand should not only exist by itself, it should cover your marketing aswell. i.e. social media, brochures, business cards, and many more. The more you get your company’s name out there, the more likely it is to succeed. Social media goes a wide way these days. Generate accounts on all the social media networks that make sense for your brand. Post as much catchy content as you can whether your posts are ads or just a picture. This will keep your customer engaged and in the loop of what your brand or company is doing.