Hamilton Bailey work with Red Chilli to create a new brand

Behind every good business website is an equally good system behind the scenes to make sure everything works properly. And that is exactly what Red Chilli Design are experts at producing for their clients.

One of their recent happy customers is Hamilton Bailey. Hamilton Bailey are a Batley based company that produces medical reports for the legal sector and Red Chilli designed a new company logo and CMS website for them. The company is run by doctors and qualified medical experts so it was important to make sure everything was professional.

Although Red Chilli never actually met Hamilton Bailey in person, they communicated with them regularly to ensure the new website looked how they imagined. We hope you will agree that what Red Chilli created was fantastic.

Hamilton Bailey came to Red Chilli as they recognised Red Chilli had worked with clients in the medical sector before and so they have a lot of previous clients who are solicitors and therefore understood them and what they do very easily.

That’s exactly what you need from a design company, somebody who can produce what you’re after quickly and effectively. Red Chilli have almost a decade’s worth of experience in creating exceptional logos, websites, CMS systems, literature and other marketing materials so have lots of knowledge built up from working with clients from lots of different sectors.

If you think your CMS system needs an overhaul, or you want a bright new logo for your business, get in touch with Red Chilli Design on 01204 684016