Give your website an update

Make the leap from Good to Great with Red Chilli

Many businesses have a good website, good branding and good designs, but good isn’t great and at red chilli we want to make your business great.

Animal trust is an excellent example, they are a brilliant not-for-profit vets based in Bolton and had a really good website, but we wanted to make it great. It’s those little things that can make a big difference, that’s why it’s always an idea to get a second opinion from one of our designers.

“Our main thought process was to make the site more user friendly whilst sticking to Animal Trust’s brand identity……This included splitting the site into appropriate sections to increase the user experience. This is a great business and we wanted to show it off by making sure everything important was on display and that nothing was hidden in text, but accurately represented with the right images”.

James Lee, Designer at Red Chilli

As we mentioned in 5 top tips to branding success – You don’t have to completely change your Brand Identity; you just need to update it. The biggest Brands in the world still stay close to their core Brand values and identity but still make adjustments to style and design to keep up to date with an ever changing audience.

It’s still your site, your logo and a familiar layout, but it’s those added aspects from a professional designer and marketing team that can give your website an edge and stand out amongst the crowd.

Take a leap from good to great with Red Chilli and get one of our designers to look at your site with a free, no obligation review.