Former McDonald’s restaurants open in Russia under new branding

When a business creates their brand, it means more than just to design a logo and some marketing materials. Strong branding will build trust with customers, providing an opportunity to highlight the company’s values, beliefs and purpose. It creates the company’s identity, showing it off in the best possible way.

After McDonald’s decided to leave Russia following the war in Ukraine, licensee Alexander Govor decided to buy the restaurants and needed to create a brand which would be instantly recognisable. The classic burger and fries were selected as brand elements, with the logo setting them on a green background to symbolise “the quality of products and service that guests are accustomed to”.

It also has a familiarity to it. Perhaps the shape resembles the M of McDonalds. Or is it Mariott Hotels or Warner Music Group? Either way, the combination of shapes and colours are strong and distinctive.

By contrast, a recent re-brand of courier firm Hermes went with the concept that they deliver many different parcels to many different people – “Evri parcel to Evri person”. This is represented with a different font, not just for each letter of the name but for each iteration of the logo. While “clever”, as a brand this has created an unconsistent and somewhat messy look.

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