Ten Tips for creating a secure website

With more and more people going online to buy products and access services, it is important to keep your website secure to ensure your customers are protected and trust your brand. Website security can sound a little technical, but there are some simple steps you can take to keep your website secure. 1. Use a … Read more

Back to School Means Back to the Drawing Board

Where did you see your business 5 years ago? September is almost here and yet another academic year is ahead for so many. I remember being so scared when I first went to school, but then got excited to learn and make friends. I looked forward to it! What happened to looking forward to the … Read more

Can You Really Please Everyone with an Olympics Logo?

With recent controversies with Paris’ 2024 Olympics logo, and the 2020 Covid-19 inspired logo for the Tokyo Olympics, there seems to be no winning with logo designers. Can you really win the appeal of all the public without accidently copying a dating app logo? Artwork Causes Controversy!? Who knew? The Olympics was made to join … Read more

Luxurious Print Techniques

At times when printing and print marketing seems like it’s a dying or had it’s days, one which could be consigned to the graveyard of technological advances…joining print making right upto vhs tapes and cd’s. However all is not lost, when done right, print doesn’t need to be disposable at a click of the delete … Read more

Is Print Dead?

In a modern world of digital design, it would be easy to think there is no longer a place for print. Sure, a webpage or e-brochure can put information at the finger tips of many, but what this overlooks is the tangibility you get from having a print document you can hold in your hands. … Read more

The importance of Blogging to build a brand

An important part of any business is creating a strong brand. This is what helps potential customers recognise and relate to your business, growing trust and ultimately loyal custom. A key part of developing this branding is having an informative and regularly updated blog. Having a blog has a number of advantages such as: Promoting … Read more

Make your website work for you post lockdown

With the outbreak of Covid-19, many of us have been having to work remotely. For many of us, this has felt new and unusual but what you may not have realised is that your company has had a salesman working remotely all along. One that is so dedicated they work 24/7 with no breaks, sick … Read more

Is our trust in brands now in tatters?

 In an ever-competitive market, brand loyalty is an increasingly important aspect of running and marketing a company. This could be influenced by many things, but a key aspect is consumer trust in the brand. After all, why would anybody choose to buy from somebody they don’t trust? Despite this, there is a growing downward trend … Read more