Back to School Means Back to the Drawing Board

Where did you see your business 5 years ago?

September is almost here and yet another academic year is ahead for so many. I remember being so scared when I first went to school, but then got excited to learn and make friends. I looked forward to it! What happened to looking forward to the future? First, we need to look back at the past!

Covid-19 made or broke many businesses. Instead of focusing on being in limbo, we should look back on the achievements. No matter how tiny!

Your business might have just started off five years ago but look at it today! It might not have developed much over the past year but look at the other 4. Look at before you started your business or joined a company. How had it made a difference to you?

 I challenge you to think, write, or find 5 goals whether business of personal that you had five years ago. Then tick off each one you’ve achieved today. Was it all 5? Do you need to find some more? Only one or none? That’s okay too! You’ve remembered what you’ve wanted and carry on working towards that goal even harder today!

If you wanted to develop your goal, new or old, them remember to set subgoals to achieve them. Splitting tasks up smaller makes the goals easier to achieve. That also gives you a sensible and clear path to achieve your goal. Just remember to check it at the end of every month to see how you can develop!

 Even though there might be a few obstacles today, right now, just remember what you’ve achieved in the past. Just like 5 years at schools develops and transforms you, 5 years running and developing a business does the same.

Instead of making the next five years about surviving the negative, let’s use them as an opportunity to evaluate and plan ahead for the next five years.

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