5 top tips for Branding Success

Spring is here (sort of) and its time to do some spring cleaning and get ready for the summer. A new and fresh approach to Branding can do wonders for your business, not only will it appeal to your customers, motivate you and your staff, but a brand update will be a new source of inspiration. Think of it as giving your home a makeover or shopping for a new summer wardrobe, styles can go out of fashion and you want to get a new updated look to appeal to your customers.

Posted on 26/4/2014
Dont get lost in the crowd

You have worked hard to create your business. You know how it good it is, but that means nothing unless other people know about it. Maybe you have had some flyers made or have created a website to showcase your services. The problem is, everyone is doing this, and before long you disappear into the ball pool of competition.

Posted on 9/4/2014
Hamilton Bailey work with Red Chilli to create a new brand

*Behind every good business website is an equally good system behind the scenes to make sure everything works properly. And that is exactly what Red Chilli Design are experts at producing for their clients. *

Posted on 11/2/2014
Avoid the pitfalls: finding the right agency

We’ve all had it, your old buddy Dave dabbles in web design in his spare time, your cousin did a graphic design course at school and your nephew is “really good with Facebook” and they want to help you with your business and of course you feel obliged to help them out and give them some work. Two weeks later none of the links on the website work and Dave is on holiday, your cousin hands you a logo he designed in Microsoft paint and your nephew won’t stop uploading pictures of his cat to your Facebook page.

Posted on 7/6/2013
Give your website an update

Make the leap from Good to Great with Red Chilli

Posted on 28/5/2013
Villagers in Lancashire dig for websites

Northerners have long been associated with mining, but a group of villagers in Lancashire have recently began a new venture – digging for websites. The local residents of a remote area in the North of England got so fed up of waiting for the telecom company to install a broadband connection, that they decided to take matters into their own hands. Having got hold of a roll of fibre optic cable, they are now taking it in turns to shovel out a 51 mile trench to an exchange in Manchester.

Posted on 12/4/2012

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