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How has web design changed over the last 10 years

Web site designers are always striving to improve upon their skills and keep ahead of new and emerging web trends and technologies. This is a difficult task as design changes on a monthly basis and keeping up with all the changes in design and technology requires a lot of dedication.

Posted on 1/4/2015
When to rebrand your company

Branding is not a new term, especially for those who own a business, whether at a big level or a small company. Through branding, a company can evaluate the net value and popularity of its products and services in the market.

Posted on 25/3/2015
Why design is an investment, not a cost

Due to the growth of technology and new terms, it is not easy for a business to survive with old tactics. With the passage of time the business should follow and grow with the demand of market. Untill a few years back, it was okay for a business to focus on the print and media marketing even with simple design. Even still, you can find the ads in your newspaper with no color or proper design. But it does not work anymore. To attract your existing and new customers you have to focus on the branding of your products.

Posted on 18/3/2015
The importance of Exhibiting and Networking to find new clients

Exhibition Design is getting popular due to its uniqueness and the way it delivers the message of the company. Whether a company is introducing a new product or rebranding the company or even just taking part in an exhibition for the promotion of their business. Selecting an interesting, innovative and meanwhile a simple exhibition design could increase the chances of success, especially if you are launching a product. It will not only attract the people toward your stall in an exhibition but also an interesting design could go viral among people.

Posted on 11/3/2015
The impact of effective product photography on marketing

Photographs are a key visual element in a company’s promotional content, whether on posters, print ads, banners, flyers, etc. Advertising techniques have varied throughout the ages, but product photography has been around for quite some time. There are many types of products and services that businesses might want to project via good product photography. Photographs taken in a particular style in the desired manner in which the manufacturer wishes to project the product or service to the target group.

Posted on 4/3/2015
What makes a great Website?

There are literally countless web sites over the internet right now. How can you ensure that your web site is just not missing in virtual obscurity? Well, there are several important elements that many excellent websites have.

Posted on 26/2/2015

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