5 top tips for Branding Success

Spring is here (sort of) and its time to do some spring cleaning and get ready for the summer. A new and fresh approach to Branding can do wonders for your business, not only will it appeal to your customers, motivate you and your staff, but a brand update will be a new source of inspiration. Think of it as giving your home a makeover or shopping for a new summer wardrobe, styles can go out of fashion and you want to get a new updated look to appeal to your customers.

Here are our 5 top tips for Branding:
1. Is it working? – Assess your brand
Take a look at you current branding, identify the core values of your Brand and what you feel your Brand represents and how it reflects your business. Now ask some of your customers, colleagues and staff, you may be surprised that they will probably have a different view of your Brand.

2. Don’t change – Update
You don’t have to completely change your Brand Identity (unless things are really bad) you just need to update it. The biggest Brands in the world still stay close to their core Brand values and identity but still make adjustments to style and design to keep up to date with an ever changing audience.

3. Get the professionals in – No “DIY”
A corporate identity is not just about having a nice shiny new logo. Structured, researched and thought out rules on graphic design; positioning, colours and use of fonts are needed as well as a pre-determined tone of voice throughout all literature. This attention to detail is useful in the long term so your Brand Identity can be consistently applied to all aspects of your marketing material.

4. Brand Unity
Make sure your Brand Identity is visible through all aspects of communication. Your website, promotional material, Twitter, Facebook page email and EVERYTHING else associated with your business should be instantly recognisable to your customers and colleagues through a unified Brand identity.

5. Live your brand
A Brand is a representation of your company, service or product. Fresh new design can put your company in the right light and promote your business in a great way, but you have to live your brand and ensure you deliver on all the quality’s you are portraying in your corporate identity.

For more information, free advice and guidance give Red Chilli a call. If you throw us some of your current Branding we’ll give you a few pointers